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Miuri's TOS

This is for anything that I create. Free or not free.

You may NOT: Resell without notifying me, or getting my OK.
Use my art to increase the value of your character unless it is a custom and OK'd by me.
Copy my art or images in any way.
Copy my characters in any way.
Give away anything I've given to you. Free or not, please ask.

Essentially: Please notify me if you plan on rehoming a character that has my art attached to it. I more often than not, do things for free out of kindness and making money off of this is generally not OK'd by me. In the event that this has been breached, I will reach out to the site personally. My time is valuable and the fact that I even have to type this up is alarming.
If you reach out, I am generally much more agreeable and likely to allow the art to go wherever it floats off to.

Thank you.

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