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Should done this in before but didn't cuz I don't think my character story/bio are really THAT bad nor serious for not that HEAVY... Tho for now, putting this up for some warning if it does have heavy theme or just for those uncomfy about my characters story/profile of their's in all. I'ma just do this in case. ovob 

~Also turn in your Dark Mode in TH cuz using it and look better FR...~

Webcomic Spoilers

>Most, especially my main and one in the respected folder, are going be spoiler cuz of their Character Profile that related to my webcomic I'm doing soon. So half are in specific folder, which are story placeholder for majorly and appearance. And one that not in folder, including Role: Unknown, and outside of it... Are my Main character! Main Protagonist, which has own story.

So be warn, their profile ARE going be spoiler to my story. Tho almost all aren't finished yet and tend to like revamp them so... Heed my warning.

Dark Theme: More for 13+(Not really Heavy Dark theme nor a Sexual theme in it for time being) 

>Used to be more of cheery type character I've created and written for but now got into horror-esque... HALF, if not all, of my characters have Dark theme in it. For half come from normal happy family and, if not, none are truly heavy detail for dark theme really. either for Story, Biography, Backstory or etcs. 

May or may not CONTAIN/Mention of: Violence, Gore, Blood, Murderer, Messed up/Sad AF past, Mental Illness, Illegal activity and etcs. May or may not be suitable for you.

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