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Please note about my characters that: 

  • They are forbidden from being trace, copied, repost, heavily inspired or claimed by anyone
  • They are not up for trade or sale unless specifically labelled or offered
  • They are forbidden from any pornographic content; mild gore is allowed and will be shown with a warning in their gallery
  • They are not intended to be shown to make you think about other people's characters or content, they are pure coincidence and would be labelled if truly inspired by someone else
  • They are always open for Safe For Work and APPROPRIATE fanarts
  • They are not open for random shipping
  • They cannot be used for any content or fandom without my consent beforehand
  • They are not open for any links with other characters without my consent beforehand 
  • They are not intended to insult, mock, or anything with bad intention towards other characters, beliefs, or people (and everything in between), I'm intending to separate the concepts and build my own

There will definitely be artworks relating to GORE, PSYCHOLOGICAL SENSITIVE CONTENT and SWEARING

There will definitely be spoilers to the stories I made at some point

My characters and I are open to almost all kinds of questions (No NSFW), comment on appropriate page

Please do not create your own version of the closed species in my toyhouse, they will be labelled as closed species. If they are not labelled as closed species or CS, they are most likely to be my random combination of species and are perfectly fine to be used by others unless stated otherwise by the original owner of that species with a solid proof. 

All worlds and literatures in my toyhouse is ORIGINAL CONTENT and shouldn't be used or copied by anyone. 

Please credit my ownership and rights of my characters if used anywhere and include a link to my deviantArt or my Toyhouse

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