Murdoc's Bulletins

Figured I'd drop a bulletin here that I'm open to offers on anything listed down below!


The link may be buggy, so just make sure anyone you're offering on doesn't have the following tags: fh, personal, or locked!

This is always open, and you can offer by either commenting here or on the character you're offering on's comment section!

I have a new job and it takes a lot out of me, so if I don't respond right away it's because I'm either debating or extremely tired, but I always reply to offers! Just don't send me a DM here... I do forget to check those a lot TwT

What I'm looking for...

- Top Dreamies:

- Secondary Dreamies: 

- TH Faves: (Mix of top dreamies & secondaries! The etc folder is for designs I used to own and like to check up on, or ones previously in my faves but now I own.. I mayy be interested in getting some back, tho most of those are in the main faves folder!)

- Foolings

- Pouflons (Vesps included but kinda picky)

- Woolynes

- Plush Dragons

- Mayybbee Kebs?!

- One-offs/designs (from any of these artists maybe? Lynstrommr, Stormcat, Arboret, Hellswine, Geckie, Billiken, CofoxtheGreat)

Also sorry if this looks bad I'm on mobile.. Ty for looking!!