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So, I don't want to write a different warning for each of my characters. 

- Some of my characters are bad guys and are still appreciated by other characters. This does not mean I support any of their actions. 

- My characters are alive to me, so I can get very upset (and possibly block you) if you don't respect one of them. Yes, even the bad guys. They're still important to me. 

- Some of their profile deal with sensitive subjects such as : murder, rape, incest, suicide, and probably more.

- Most of my characters are dead, they're in the afterlife. So don't expect their bio to be 100% happy. I will, when I know it, write how they died. 

- ALL of my characters are human, which means they have qualities but also flaws. No one is 100% good or bad. So if you don't like characters with bad sides, well, don't look at mine. 

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