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Use common sense. All my characters belong to me, their stories, my species etc(unless otherwise stated). Under no circumstances are you allowed to get inspired by, copy or trace my art, characters, species, their worlds etc. This should be common sense but I ques it's no longer that common. AND DO NOT KIN MY CHARACTERS.

Some characters might have NSFW or gore themes/stories/drawings etc, you've been warned.
If you suspect an "adopted character" I've obtained may have originally been stolen by a previous owner, please inform me about it and provide proof! I try to be careful when obtaining characters from people that are not the design's original creator but you can never really know for sure especially if the character has been owned by multiple different people and has an off-site creator.
General rules:
- Do not harass me for any reason (should be common sense like so many other things), reminding me is a different thing entirely as I forget things easily and appreciate a reminder from time to time.
- Trying to start any drama or arguments with me will get you blocked, I don't have time or energy to deal with idiots and those that have nothing better to do than argue with random people on the internet.
- I'm extremely rarely offended by anything. I'm fine with all kinds of characters, people and discussions. I do not have an official "do not interact" due to it giving me a rude vibe.
- As much as we all probably wish our character were real, they're not. With this in mind, my opinion is that your characters can do pretty much whatever with your other characters. I understand the importance of variables in characters, they can't all be the same. I do not judge you for making certain characters or their actions/drawing shown of them (some exceptions do exist).
- Do not ship my characters with any other characters, unless you have my written permission.
- Gore and NSFW art: if you want to draw blood/gore or NSFW art of any of my character/s, ask me first.

Blacklist I strongly advise against selling/trading/gifting any of the designs to anyone in that list* I don't add people there for no reason. *You will get blacklisted if you do.

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