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Most of my characters have Mature Themes in their profiles, and are not meant to be seen by those under the age of 18. The stories I write for my characters cover a variety of dark topics and themes, some of which might be uncomfortable to read. 

While I do not go into graphic detail on my characters' profiles, it should still be noted that these themes may be mentioned, as they do still exist in their stories.

My characters are all aliens that are of my own creation. As such, expect some unusual anatomy and behaviors from them. They are not humans, nor have human anatomy.

Please Do Not

  • Claim my characters as your own
  • Use my artwork without my permission
  • Trace art / copy characters
  • Ask if my characters are for sale 

Content Warnings

  • Teratophilia / NSFW / Nudity
  • Blood / Scars / Physical Injury / Death
  • Mentions Of Violence / War / Slavery
  • Mentions Of Physical & Sexual Abuse

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