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Sellin these pals $9 each

Posted 8 months, 1 day ago by Nork


$9 each, (except H they are $6 bc small lol)

Extra $3 ill throw in an icon!


Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Nork

I am back from my volunteer trip! Between that, my tablet breaking and finals kicking my ass, I wasn't in shape to do Toyhouse stuff til now.

But my friend has lent me his old tablet n I should be good to go for now!!

Rip tablet

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Nork

My tablet just died...please consider buying some of the adopts I made...or please give me recommendations for a new inexpensive tablet!!

My Super Mario Sunshine adopts have gone down in price considerably


Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Nork

im born bincb

Belated Happy New Years!

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by Nork

Looking forward to making much more art this year!

Also looking for more platforms to post art on, any reccomendations?



Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by Nork

Design Sales/Non Closed-Species Adoptables:

  • You can do whatever with the design once you have bought it; make it your sona, sell it, tweak the design, etc. They’re all yours.
  • Just please try credit/link back to me on any Toyhouse, etc profiles you may make for that character. It’d also help to credit me the first time you post any art of them,
    • ((If you tell me you made art on tumblr…I would definitely reblog it :> ))
  • Do not claim the design as your own creation. If you make heavy adjustments it’s still just nice to link back to the original artist so I can get more support!
  • In the case of multiple users asking to buy at once, I have the final say in who gets the design. I will use my best judgement to determine who asked first, please be respectful to others.
  • I hold the right to refuse to sell the design for any reason before money is exchanged, Once exchanged, it is out of my hands!
  • If design is resold, please link the new owner to my page so I can be credited if they make a profile page, etc.
  • If you want me to alter the original art, please understand that I may ask for a small charge.
  • It is totally cool to co-own a design by me!
  • You may resell. Though be classy; don't up the price a ton unless there's extra new art included.
  • If I give you a 3D Model file DO NOT USE THE MODEL AND TEXTURE TO MAKE MORE CHARACTERS. At least not without my permission, as I may one day sell them as blank templates. That is basically stealing.
  • If you want to tweak the texture...ask me first!
  • You may rig an unrigged model by me, and OF COURSE you can animate it! Just credit me if posted on youtube.
  • Do not use a 3D model for a game without contacting me first. If it's a free game I will most likely say yes as long as I am credited!

If you ever have trouble contacting me you can find me on