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Welcome to my TH, have a look around. I am 18+ so some of my characters might have NSFW artwork. But I don’t draw NSFW art. These characters will be tagged with "NSFW" and the artwork will be hidden behind a warning and in its own tab. NSFW characters are also hidden from minors, or heavily NSFW characters. HOWEVER I don’t have a lot of those characters and I respect my minor followers to keep that stuff hidden. If you’re a minor you CANNOT see these characters in the first place. 
You can add my characters to dreamies lists but my sonas I'll probably never let go. Message me please if I've somehow bought a stolen character (Has happened too many times and it's honestly ridiculous that people are so fucked up).

Please Do Not

  • Copy/Steal My Characters
  • Trace Any and All Artwork from My Profile
  • Draw NSFW/Gore of My Characters Without Asking First
  • Offer on Characters Outside of the Trades Folders

Content Warnings

  • Weed/Marijuana
  • Some NSFW (Appropriately Tagged and Hidden to Minors)
  • Self Harm (Not Explicit)
  • Light Gore/Candy Gore

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