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General Warnings

  • Some of my characters/projects are intended for mature audiences only as they contain either adult-only content, violence and/or sensitive themes. Please carefully read individual character/folder warnings before proceeding.
  • None of my characters are up for sale unless otherwise stated on their page. Do not ask about adopting my characters.
  • I will not hesitate to block you if I feel you have needless complaints about my content, or are otherwise unpleasant to interact with. I am open to criticism and advice, but please be respectful when doing so.

  • Do not repurpose my characters or claim as your own.
  • Do not use any images as your display pictures.
  • Do not use any material posted here or on any other site posted by myself for RP purposes.
  • Please read my Global Terms of Use for specific rules, especially regarding explicit content and portrayal of certain characters.
Other Info

  • If I have any mislabelled warnings, missed out trigger warnings or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me! It would be easier to contact me through Twitter to get the issue resolved faster as I am not super active on here.

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