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✧ Before buying any of my designs or interacting please refer to my TOS+BLACKLIST

✧ Heavily interacting with someone on my blacklist can get you blocked due to me being uncomfortable it's nothing personal I just refuse to interact with someone close friends with a blacklisted user.

✧ If I blocked you/blacklisted you and you're reading this please touch grass or smth LMAOO Imagine stalking someone who clearly wants nothing to do with you..

If you interact/are friends with a user that goes as goomba | @saberkitty666 | Foxxui | @cybrcityy | K1T on insta/toyhouse and any other alts(they have alot unfortunately) do not interact with me. They make me extremely uncomfortable as this user has hacked my account, repeadedly harassed me/tried to contact me and my friends just to shit talk me amongst other disgusting behavior. I want nothing to do with them or their friends. Do not come here to stalk/contact me because they sent you, I really don't care about what they have to say and they are permanently blacklisted by me.

✧ I always try my best to reply fast to comments+dms but sometimes I'll forget to reply back after seeing so don't take it personal!! Just message me again and I will gladly get back to you, my memory isn't the best at times so please be patient with me.

✧ Don't leave offers on my characters without permission or them actually being ufo!! It's a huge annoyance to me esp when they're literally forever homed.... pls I beg you I want to stay sane </3.

✧ Don't ask for co ownership on my characters, I don't take co-owns for my characters ever unless I offer one myself(rare) so no random toyhouse user you can't ask to co own any of my characters

✧ Don't add my forever homed characters/any of my sonas to wishlists+autoaccept folders, I will remove the fav as these characters are obviously never UFO and I find it quite rude when ppl do so!! (dreamies fav folders are fine tho, idm them).

✧ After a trade is finalized I will NOT agree to tradeback with you just bc you feel you'll miss the character, thats not my fault or my concern. Simply don't trade a character if you're gonna miss them immeadiately after. My answer will always be NO so please respesct this, if you have an issue don't interact!!!

✧ As a addition to this, no I don't work with people who include tradeback, "you can't sell/trade this character unless only to me" policies. I will most likely block you if I come across someone who does that. Don't offer me characters that have that type of policy either, I will always decline as in a trade I expect to have full rights to a character.

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