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Oh uh hey there Clover, its been a hot minute! and you better remember me from Furvilla
How've you been lately? Good, I hope (and if you haven't been, I hope you'll be better soon!)

Hi! Of course I remember you! I've been swamped with school and art and Animal Crossing and all that kinda stuff, you'd think that being in quarantine would make things less busy lol

Hey! Oh good, I was kinda worried that you wouldn’t ^^’

And, I’ve also been swamped with school. You WOULD figure that quarantine would make things less hectic, but nope. Sometimes it don’t be that way, heh! 

Anyway, I might’ve asked this, but how’ve you been recently? I mean... besides swamped, heh

I've been good overall! How about you? Everyone staying healthy during this pandemic?

That’s good to hear! 

I’m doing good! I’ve been making a lot of MYO’s, so thats been fun! I’ve also gotten back into Bloodborne, and I played Hotline Miami (fun). I’ve also listened to a lot of v a p o r w a v e

And yeah, we’re doing good! Surprisingly, we haven’t got it yet... or maybe we have, it’s possible 

Very nice! I've mostly hit an art block but I'm slowly getting through it, and then I've mostly been playing Fallout 76, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and lately I started playing some Wargroove

I've also been craving McDonald's and other junk food lately but sadly we can't go out because of quarantine

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holy fucking shit hey clover

AAAYYYY -finger guns-

its been like eight years... hru

It really has been a while :'3

I've been good! How about u?

I've been getting by! :> Glad to hear you've been good! And to see you're still makin art!


Ever so slowly, but I'm still making art :'3
I'm mostly into making Furvilla painties nowadays, I just finished one for the Furvilla paintie contest today

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