PrinceOscar's Bulletins

I'm willing to haggle on the prices and I'm not going to be too picky with art offers bc i just want these characters gone tbh.

The characters all have at least 5 pieces of art in their galleries btw !!


Prices range from $12 ~ $19 but i'm willing to haggle if ur paying in USD! (PayPal, Venmo, Ko-fi)

Feel free to PM me!


Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by PrinceOscar

So. I have some characters that I just don't draw. They no longer spark joy for me and I hate to see them gather dust. I'd rather get something in exchange, but I really want them gone at this point. If you can offer something please do, but... I'm willing to part with most of these for free.

Here's the characters: