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Hey there! Just a few notes if you're visiting for the first time!

- Unless a character is in my Sales/Trades folder, I likely am not going to be open to trading them away. Even if they don't have a name or look unfinished, I probably just haven't had a chance to work on their profiles yet!

- Minors are free to interact with/buy from me/etc! I will say up front that I'm over 25, and I understand if that makes some people uneasy. I won't be offended if you discontinue interacting with me! But I aim to create a safe, secure environment for anyone I talk to, and will never subject you to anything beyond a PG rating.

- If you love a design of mine but know that I will not part with it, I am always open for design trades. I won't make dupes or bootlegs, but I'll be happy to trade with you to make someone similar to a character already in my possession!

- During trades, I will usually check in every week or so to make sure that we're still doing one. On the other hand, if I seem to have forgotten a trade for YOU, please poke me! I work full time, and sometimes I get really distracted. Prodding me every other day, however, will usually end with me cancelling the trade.

- Finally, please be fair and polite when offering a trade. I accept all levels of skill from various artists, and will never decline a fair offer! But if you approach and offer $1 or a single sketch on an adopt that took me a long time to make, I will likely turn you down at first.

That's all! I hope you enjoy looking through my pages!

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