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Many of my characters have dark themes intertwined with their stories. Writing these does not mean I condone them, nor do I encourage romanticization of these things. Many of the times these are included are meant to showcase the darkness humanity still has (sad as it is) and due to that the depraved nature. Also, some of these themes are outlets for my own experiences and ways for me to be therapeutic for my own sake so that I can properly cope and move forward.

Each character has their own warnings. If a character has SA in their warnings it will NOT be present explicitly/directly in their profile but pursuing their backstory or stories will expose you to it. If a character has CSA in their warning it will NOT be present in their profile at all. It also will NOT be heavily expanded upon nor explicitly written about (and never drawn period). These are lines which I personally do not cross.

If you have concerns about one of my characters or anything at all my DMs are open. I wish you all the best, and PLEASE always put yourself first. If viewing a topic could have repercussions on your mental health simply click away from the character. By clicking past any of my character warnings you acknowledge it is present and your own willingness to brave the content.

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