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— 🌸 Welcome to my Profile! 🌸 —
Last Updated: August 11th, 2022

Requests/Trades are Open |🌸| Offering and Mass Favoriting are A-okay!

If we’re acquaintances/mutuals and you need someone to ping, feel free to ping me! I don’t mind!

Thanks for wanting to check out my characters! Before you do, though, please know:

My profile theme centers lightly around soft pinks! No crazy CSS, but consider turning down the brightness if you’re on night mode.

My character folders and profile codes are still under construction, so some things may look rather wonky at times depending on what theme you use. Apologies in advance!
(Night mode is the hardest on the eyes with my profile atm)

Some characters contain sensitive themes such as eyestrain, body horror, violence and gore, religion (real and fantasy), and mentions of alcohol and tobacco use!
Not all of these OCs have personal character warnings, but story folders will include notes on it! I am still working on re-updating warnings and editing the respective characters‘ thumbnails, so please be wary when browsing characters.

Please do not interact with me if you have unmarked/untagged NSFW content or are a fetish account! You do you, but please don’t bring it here!

As well, I‘m a minor. If you don’t want to interact with someone under 18, feel free to back out of this tab!

Last but not least, please talk to me if you’d like me to unfavorite a character!

I use a lot of text emoticons ( ex: :), 😂, (owo)=b ) when I talk to people! If you’d like me not to use those with you or need me to use tone indicators, please let me know!

— 🌸 Thanks for reading the above, and have a great rest of your day! 🌸 —

- Stay safe, and don’t forget to drink some water! -

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