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Old characters for sale (closed)

Posted 14 days, 22 hours ago by Royalisk

Looking to sell these splatoon characters I made years ago. They hold a lot of memories but my tastes changed and I don't see myself using them again. Would love for them to go to others who would appreciate them more. I'd rather they go together but they don't have to. $70 $90

discount if you buy them together at $110


I have one more I might be willing to sell away $70
for all 3 together i will accept $160

$20 Sketch commissions [closed]

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago by Royalisk

Doing a sketchy experimental style like this
Ferals only
Let me know you want something simple added
(signs, food bowls, notebooks etc)

Maybe only taking two slots? depends


Posted 8 months, 1 day ago by Royalisk


  • Lovedrops
  • -----
  • -----
  • Packimps

  • Dog like species
  • Food themed species
  • Furries/Anthros [Intensely picky]

Color Palettes

  • Warm palettes [browns, reds, tans]
  • Warm greens
  • Black and red
  • High contrast
  • Yellow and orange


  • Cowboy/western
  • Fall/farmers
  • Nautical
  • Dragons
  • Clowncore [picky]
  • Avians [roosters, peacocks, quails etc]
  • Space exploration
  • Racing

  • Holiday designs [unless its valentines/lovecore]
  • Dresses / skirts / frills
  • Mammals with fish tails
  • Scenecore
  • Trypophobia or anything based on any type of phobia [designs with lots of eyes are fine]


  • Airmura
  • arukanoda
  • Clashtsu
  • lysandrecafe
  • Miyabau
  • P-Cate/CaTTe__
  • Sacchim
  • Softsy
  • scpkid
  • theres other artists but the list is so long

  • ----
  • ----
  • ----

by VairaSmythe


Posted 8 months, 7 days ago by Royalisk

Last updated 7-7-2022

By purchasing/trading/commissioning me you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and that breaking agreement may result in penalties. 


  • DO NOT send payment to me before I request it- it will be refunded. You must wait until I invoice you or give you the ok to send money through links
  • Payment MUST be sent within 24 hours. If not I will put the design back for sale/offer/auction
  • PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that the person the money was sent to was me and not an impersonator. My main twitter and user are always written as ManzaniIIa [manzaniiia]
  • For Invoices A PENDING INVOICE IS AN UNPAID INVOICE and I reserve the right to hold onto the art/design until payment has finally cleared. 

[TOS for payment applies to anything I may be selling including art commissions, customs, etc ]


  • You do not have rights to the original artwork of the character. Meaning you are not allowed to distribute/sell merchandise of art created by me. [Making your own art is fine] 
  • I do allow the making of merchandise/game/story of the design that was bought from me, with proper credit
  • Reposting a commission/design is fine with credit. On Toyhouse they can be credited to [Royalisk]
  • I would rather my designs not be co-owned since I do not wish to involve myself in disputes between the co-owning parties
  • You can turn one of my designs into an already existing closed/open species but you do not have the right to create a species from my designs
  • Using my designs/art for anything offensive such as hate speech, transphobia, homophobia, etc. will result in an immediate blacklist.  



  • Traded designs may only be traded [can be sold if extra art has been included]
  • All designs created only by me, can be resold for any price you see fit
  • Designs created in collaboration with another artist can only be sold at the price they were purchased for if no extra art has been added


Multiple intentional offenses may result in being blacklisted and will be banned from participating in future auctions, trades, and sales. Actions that justify bans include:

  • Attempting to sell or trade characters they do not own/have never owned or which are owned by other users 
  • Using my designs in ways that are offensive
  • Repeatedly failing to provide payment
    - [If no longer interested in a design/commission and payment has not been made, its easier to state so than to cut off all communication]

[Lovedrops] arpg tracker

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by Royalisk