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Hello! I am Roz!! Welcome to my profile, but before we continue let's get some things out of the way!!

First off, I'm a minor, and while I don't mind interacting with adults, if you try anything I will block and report you, you have been warned.
Secondarily, please do not bring drama/politics into here. I’m really not interested. Same deal if you're coming around to spew hate speech about anyone, anything, any people group!! Don't be mean

Other then that, please be aware that I do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE draw NSFW/Nude/Sexual art or want to see yours(ew), but TW for *inhales* abusetraumaviolencegoredeathmurdermanipulationmentalillnessesingeneral *catches breath* somecharactersmightbealcoholicsuicidalhomophobictransphobicableistalsoprobablysomegenerallydarkthings.
I'm like, an edgy teenager or somethinggG????

***I don't support any of the above  negative or toxic actions!!*** 
Why would you suggest that, seriously. That's horrible

I'm also too scatterbrained to individually put a warning page on all characters like this, so just be aware so it doesn't catch you by surprise

Be aware that if I bought your character(esp. an anthro or generic animal thingy) I may redesign its species! I will do my best to make sure the character is recognizable! Please let me know if you do NOT want me to redesign them

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