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hello! if you're here to look at my characters (or i've linked you to them), then go on ahead! there are a few characters that have content warnings but you will see them once you click.
for those that are here looking to buy/trade my characters, there's a few things i'd like you to know!
1. the only characters that are NOT up for sale or trade are the ones in sonas and mains! there are others that have the nfs/nft tag in other folders, but those are also up for offers. i just really, really, really would prefer not to get rid of them (but know that I should)
2. I love these characters a lot, especially those that are more on the expensive side and/or with more art, since I'm a cheap shit. When you adopt them, just please give them love, they deserve it! I also might be interested in buying them back later, and as such I will favorite them in a special folder for it.
that's it! thanks for visiting my profile!

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