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General Warnings

  • NSFW Mentions and Art
  • NSFW usually found among some characters of mine:
    • Sexual Acts
    • Nudity [Some reference sheets have nudity]
    • Violence
    • Abuse
    • Blood
    • Potential Triggers 

  • Please be over 18 years old to look at the NSFW characters and fav'ing them when they have a warning specifically to them.
  • If under 18 years old, feel free to look at my characters. Like I said, there are characters who have a warning like this specific to them. If a character you look at has that warning, you are warned!!!
  • I usually go for 19 years old and up for the age minimum since the 19+ rule I'm used to is from the Asian media.
  • To be updated with more rules. 
Other Info

  • Any rule breaking would result in a block.
  • This is a warning for everyone. 
  • I do check your profiles for age. 
  • How serious am I about this? I work in a place that requires me to ID people for their age. And there are laws. So let's not break those.

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