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General Warnings

  • None of my characters have adult content
  • Some characters are fandom based? ^^
  • I use a lot of ":D", ":]" and "^^" to show my emotions. Feel free to use tone indicators, or tell me you need tone indicators!
  • My device glitches sometimes when I’m typing. I apologize for any typos.

  • Respect/Kindness = Respect/Kindness
  • Do not bring politics or drama onto my page
  • Dont attack people for their beliefs here. We don’t need to have the same opinions to like art and characters :D
My character rules

  • Do not "kin" or copy my characters or designs
  • If you want to draw any of my characters, feel free ^^ I’d love to see it! Just please keep it clean! (Check my "characters" folder for more info on drawing them)
Some other stuff

  • I’m a Christian and I very much enjoy sharing my faith! If you have any questions or just want to talk about faith, DM me!
  • If you find we like the same show/movie/interest/etc and want to chat about it, feel free to DM about that aswell lol
  • My commissions are open, and I do art trades sometimes. Check the links in my profile or DM me :]
  • Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a blessed day! :D

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