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stuff like body horror, gore, some suggestive stuff (nothing too NSFW, just some poses n all. all properly censored and auth only, don't try to put words in my mouth), dark humor, swearing, and dark stuff in general is expected from me! plus a bit of hypocritical opinions, I'm a bit insecure, and this can be seen in vent/rants (mainly auth-only bulletins/art, but some art will be public)

other non-warning notes (hidden under spoiler);

I kinda just gave up trying to get rid of most of my characters, as I am still semi-attached. I'm still getting around to drawing all of them and working on stories, though I am only working on like. three stories rn. they're both fandom related as of late (Sparklecare Hospital, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Warrior Cats) feel free to ask for proof of me writing stories and such for these three if I ever mention these stories for wta/rta/bta freebies, everything else is just messy concepts but I have some foundation for these three fan stories. Currently trying to collect some characters since I suck at designing /hj though I need to redesign a few

Idrc if you call me a hoarder but I don't have enough time to draw them with procrastination and such, as I give more attention to my faves rather than general ocs and ocs that need art. sorry I just need a moment! art block is kicking my ass rn

blocked = please. dni. either you make me uncomfy, I’ve seen warnings about you, or I fit your dni (mostly around my age, while I do act like a child I am an adult, fuck off.) You’re blocked for a reason, leave me alone

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