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General Warnings

  • Fan OCs may have (very vague) spoilers
  • Most Fan OCs contain my own lore/canon, some may include OC x Canon.
  • A handful of my OCs have Body Horror but drawn in a more cartoony manner.

  • No heavy gore/nsfw of any of my characters please! (Also pls don't draw my ocs without clothes!) 
  • If you've come from minigames here's a list of stuff I'd like (WISHLIST) and stuff I don't want happening (NOTES) 
  • Please view full Gallery tabs (click Gallery on the left). Please only reference the most recent "Reference", it is likely to be the most recent image.
  • Please read design notes. You may have to scroll to find them.
Other Info

  • If credit is outdated let me know and I'll change it !
  • Gift art is fine and welcomed. :]
  • I do Art + Design trades amongst other things, just ask me!
  • Got Questions? Ask me on Discord.

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