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Welcome to the cast!

Heya, I'm Star! I'm just your ordinary young artist and storymaker that's having fun torturing my fictional characters in the stories I make! I'm glad some of my characters or stories have sparked your interest but please read everything in this warning and respect my wishes, thank you!


  • Do not use, copy, steal, reupload, or heavily reference any of my artwork or characters! Do not kin or form relations with my characters without me giving the okay.
  • There's a bit of cursing on my profile just so everyone knows.
  • I don't have a dni or blacklist but this might change in the forever if I find I do need them.
  • I'm testing out opening comments on my characters' profiles, please only comment saying things about the character/etc, I will not take spam on my characters' comments and if is gets out of hand, I'll be turning them off again.
  • Only characters in the "For Sale" folder can be offered on or brought, please do not ask if any of my other characters are for sale, they are not and I don't do pinglists. Feel free to message me or comment when offering on a character!
  • Character bios can contain spoilers for my stories, if you wish to not be spoiled for some of my stories before I make comics on them, don't read the bios.
  • Please keep in mind that even if I tend to use more sensitive and/or offensive concepts and themes, it does NOT mean I support or even like some of these concepts or themes. I like using concepts and themes inspired off of real life as I feel they can often make really great stories but try to keep these more subtle and researched. These stories are not to offend or hurt anyone, they are for fun and entertainment.
  • Characters tagged with a "X" means their profile bios are complete. Characters that are tagged with a "-" means their bios are a WIP. Those without these tags either don't have a bio or their bio info is outdated.
  • If you've been linked here to draw my characters please only draw the ones with the "Art Desired" tag, they're the characters I want art of the most and have updated refs.


Please know a lot of my characters and stories contain sensitive and/or offensive concepts and themes. If you do not like, or are sensitive to anything in the list below, I suggest you do not look too far into my characters.

  • Strong and/or made up hateful language.
  • Extreme violence, heavy gore, and torture.
  • Death, murder, genocides, terrorism and war.
  • Morbid ideals and jokes.
  • Mental illness, trama, and triggers.
  • Abuse, self-harm, and suicide.
  • Use of drugs and substance abuse.
  • Dysfunctional families, inadequate parents, and abandonment.
  • Made up religions and beliefs.
  • Classism and political tension.

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