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 Content Warnings apply to specific drawings and/or characters.

USE TONE TAGS FOR ME PLEASE, I MIGHT MISREAD YOUR MESSAGE AND LASH OUT AT YOU FOR NO REASON. Seriously, you  don't know how many times I've gotten hurt because some didn't use a tonetag//////////

 no warning to not steal, doesn't mean you should steal.

Please Do Not

  • Be vague about something, just be straightforward with me.
  • Call them: tr*ps/l*lis/sh*tas/basically slurs in general, (for f*mboys literally depends on the context and intention behind it. I might get it wrong but oh well..)
  • Ask if they're UFT/S/O, everything here is. (asking if they get pinged if they're ever up is okay. i'll make sure to add you. )

Content Warnings

  • Descriptions/Portrayal of Abuse
  • body horror(?)
  • Bright colors
  • Weirdcore

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