Stormchi's Bulletins


Posted 5 months, 29 days ago by Stormchi

All characters are complete. Now I can focus on adding/updating things when needed!
Goal for 2020 is not to get/make anymore oc's let's hope I can do it!

If you'd tell me which of my babs you love the most and why (Even if it's just cause their design) I'll tell you which of yours I love the most x3

Notification Question

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Stormchi

What's your opinion?

2 Votes I like them!
0 Votes I think you should only use it if the profile is completed or a lot of info was added
2 Votes Neutral/Don't care
0 Votes I don't like them
0 Votes I wish you could turn these notifs off

How do you feel about getting notified when someone updated their character?

Also if anyone can help me think of likes and dislikes for these babs I'd really appreciate it! <3


Posted 3 years, 6 days ago by Stormchi

I just realized how to make a bulletin. These are like journals on DA huh? Sweet x3