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This user profile has been marked with a content warning:

Do not under any circumstances ping or message me if I want to buy characters I favorited. The answer is NO and there are no exceptions.

Also, please don't offer on any of my characters not in my trade/sale folder, regardless of how much I seem to use them. I love my characters dearly and wouldn't trade them even if I lost connection due to sentimental value, so offers make me very uncomfortable.

It should be noted that some of my characters and artwork deal with dark themes, such as suicide, self-harm, and violence. However, most do not, and any that do are also marked with content warnings as well.

But yeah, if an image of mine is marked as sensitive, then it probably deals with one of those topics. It will also state the type of sensitive content it contains when hovered over.

(For those offsite: if I have linked you to a page and you receive this warning, it will not contain any of these topics unless a content warning tells you otherwise.)

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