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General Warnings

  • NSFW content is on this profile (Gore, porn and unsettling themes)


  • Copy/recreate my OCs or replicate them in any way. I will immediately report you, I won't give warnings. there's no excuse for copying OC's.Steal/re-upload my OCs, you don't have any right to save and post them anywhere.
  • Attempt to remove the watermarks off of my OCs and their art. if you need an un-watermarked ref to draw my OCs better, just ask!

  • Beg me to accept or consider your offer after I have clearly declined.

  • Trace over my art or any of the art on this profile.

  • Beg for authorisation, I only give it to people I trust to avoid art/character theft.
  • Offer/ask to buy any character of mine that are on this account, go to Ashen_Oni_Adopts to see my sales. This account is STRICTLY my personal OCs.

Other Info

  • You may offer on my characters on the Adopt account ONLY!  (Ashen_Oni_Adopts)
    but please be respectful if I don't reply right away or decline, please PM me or comment on the specific OC you're interested in.

    ✪ Completely off limits / Never for sale
    ★ Not likely to sell unless I have a change of mind
    ☆ Open to possible money offers 

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