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Hey there, I'm Liz/Dark! Before you view my characters, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All characters are open to offers—however, this does not mean all are feasibly gotten. Even if a character has the "nft" tag, feel free to go for it! Can't hurt to try.
    • With this being said, don't be offended if I say no! It's nothing personal, and I'll never be mad at you for offering.
    • All of my important characters' value is displayed in their "Art Tracker" tab in USD. Don't lowball.
  • There may be mature themes associated with some of my characters—this doesn’t mean I agree with them all necessarily.
    • There will be a warning for sensitive content such as gore or particularly dark AUs, however this only applies for artwork. You won't find anything extremely graphic on my account, but if you're a particularly sensitive individual please do proceed with caution.
  • Fanart is not only welcome but highly encouraged! Feel free to reach out for unwatermarked references and such.
  • You are not authorized to use any of these characters unless they are given to you by TheDarkOverlordOfAll. Do not heavily reference, utilize, replicate, or in any way plagiarize from any of these characters in any way unless you have explicit permission from TheDarkOverlordOfAll.
    • If you have any questions about this, reach out to me on Discord or through PMs! I don't bite. Honestly though, this is all common sense--don't be a thief, if you want one of the characters and/or art pieces I own, then offer for them fairly. If I say no, then move on.
  • Color picking is fine, as long as you're not outright copying a unique character (e.g. copying Meraline's entire palette).
  • If you're authorized, please don't share around unwatermarked art! It's watermarked for a reason, to prevent theft of my characters. Additionally, don't make me regret trusting you with unwatermarked images--just be nice, and don't be a thief.
  • Please don't attempt to tamper with any art of my characters! In fact, please don't download it at all for personal use. Don't use art of one of my characters for profile pictures, character designs, etc. Obviously, the same goes for character designs I own in general.
    • It's watermarked for a reason--my watermark isn't nearly as obtrusive as it could be; I still want the pieces I own to be viewable. Don't crop out my watermark, don't attempt to remove it, just leave it alone! Please respect that I don't want my characters to be stolen.
  • If you see uncredited or miscredited art, please inform me!
    • As someone who has traded many characters with other users, it's impossible to 100% verify the legitimacy of every art piece. I make an effort to ensure all of my characters and art pieces are correctly credited and sourced, but I appreciate people letting me know of situations such as this immensely.
  • If you have any questions about these terms, reach out to me through Discord (TheDarkOverlordOfAll#0336).
  • Additionally, if you want to use art of my character and believe you have a suitable reason (for example, for a roleplay group banner), simply reach out on Discord!

Thank you for your cooperation.

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