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Touch my characters i break your kneecaps.   

Characters may contain: Violence, Gore, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Drug References, Alcohol References, and other adult themes. you've been warned. The characters will have a warning if it has any such content.

You May: Draw art of my characters and send it to me, request to roleplay with me, things like that.

You may Not: steal, trace,color pick or inspire off of my characters. use my characters in any way shape or form unless stated above. or request trades, sale, etc of a character that is not labeled for such.

I also make adopts, you cannot do either of that to them either unless you adopt them.
Please do not delete any adopts i make once you adopt them i work hard on them, if you don't like them resend them to me or put them up for re-adoption yourself.

if you break any of these rules i will find out, and i will take action.

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