Tales of Aer

Characters from my web-comic Tales of Aer can be found here, uploaded as they show up and/or become relevant to the story.

You will find brief history, trivia, artwork and descriptions of them, as well as in what stories they appear in.
Listed here are also comics/stories in the order they came out. Do note that ToA is not told in a chronological form and that all stories in some form connect to each other!
Comics/Stories that have no links attached to them, are ones that are currently planned! (some stories names might be changed)

Update 20.04: Added "Songs of Inspiration" to some characters. Songs that I connect with them and I feel tells a bit about them.

Main Comic:
Tales of Aer 1 - Nightrise
Tales of Aer 2 - Roots
Tales of Aer 3 - Heartdusk
Tales of Aer 4 - Darker Days

Side Comics:
Iskars Intervention
Written Stories:
Life in the Void

The Journal:
-List of currently shown/known animals in Aer-