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Hello there!
Tonix / They/Him

Hey there! Tonix here. I'm a freelance digital artist from the United States. I'm a big fan of Transformers, and hope to one day work as an animator or artist. Welcome to my page!
Please do NOT:
  • Interact with me if you are a controlled substance user (with the exception of prescriptions)
  • Heavily reference ANY of my creations, with the exception of those stated that this is allowed (e.g. bases or references/resources I provide)
  • Trace or modify any of my finished artworks, period.
  • Repost any of my artwork on other platforms. Linking directly to me is perfectly fine, but do not post my art without a direct link to one of my pages.
Please DO:
  • Spam favorites, subscriptions, and comments. I will read every single comment you post, and I take no offense to being spammed with likes/favorites and such!
  • Draw my OCs, be it alone, or interacting with yours! While I prefer not to do significant crossovers (e.g. my Transformers characters drawn with your Sonic characters), everything else is allowed. (Anything listed in a character's profile itself overrides what has been stated here.)
  • Edit any of my bases to suit your needs
  • Share my artwork with others, with proper credit given
  • Use my character ribbons, badges, et cetera on other platforms, with proper credit given
  • Take inspiration from my art style, designs, or art in general
  • Contact me via discord, ThilsikTonix. (This is the most frequent platform I check aside from Toyhouse and Tumblr, and I'm not likely to respond elsewhere!)
  • Ping or message me to show me art you've made, things you like, things you're proud of, et cetera. I love interactions! (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)
Content Warnings

Artistic depictions and descriptions of blood, gore, and death

Flashing lights, bright images, and eyestrain

Fictional discussions and depictions of abuse and general violence

Depictions and discussions of real and fictional mental health scenarios

Depictions of body horror, medical malpractice, murder, and other illegal activity

Occasional references to and/or depictions of drug use, recreationally and medically

  • By interacting with me, you acknowledge that you may see content that falls under these general categories, and that you are responsible for any and all of what you see on my profile, should it fall under these categories.
  • I will do my best to filter and tag any and all of this content properly, but please don't be afraid to tell me if I miss something.
  • There will be filters for graphic images, but anything text-based may still be described on my characters' profiles.

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