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General Warnings

  • Some ocs contain gore/blood/and or sensitive background stories
  • Many of my main ocs are crytids or have dark themes so please be aware of that. • None of my ocs have sexual content/NSFW, yet I still wish to keep my page 18+, PLEASE respect this

  • TOS - CUSTOMS AND OR DESIGNS SPECIFICALLY MADE BY ME ARE NOT TO BE RESOLD ON AMINO SITES - This is one of my only BIG rules as ive had MANY issues with my designs ending up on amino sites - PLEASE RESPECT THIS RULE (feel free to dm me if you need details as to why this rule is in place)
  • OBVIOUS ONE - DONT Steal my ocs man or highly refrence my ocs. JUST DONT Also please dont ship/kin my ocs
  • Please be respectful on my page. If you have an issue please be an adult about it and send me a respectful message concerning the issue :-) I dont bite
Other Info

  • Lastly if you are Homophobic, Transphobic, racist, or just overall like to hate on people for being who they are, please kindly FUCK off my page ;-) Thanks ✨

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