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Many of my characters have dark themes (abuse, child death, manipulation, overall trauma, cannibalism, ect.). Just know that I in no way support or agree with anything that happens to any of my characters, or anything they do. I use it for character development and that alone, and if that makes you uncomfortable, so be it.

If you steal or directly copy any of my characters/art I will steal both of your kidneys and hit your shins with a metal scooter :) /srs


(if the school is looking at this... pls don't block this is how I show people my art 🥺)

Feel free to favorite any of my characters, I don't mind :D

You can take inspiration from any of my characters, just don't like... directly copy them.

Offer away, but if I tell you no don't keep asking and insisting, and DON'T try to guilt trip me into giving it to you. Not only is that extremely rude, it won't work on me and I'll block you.

You can draw any of my characters if you want to, just tell me so I know ^^

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