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  • Please do not make OCs based on any of my designs or their species/race without first contacting me. Please give appropriate credit if I allow it.
  • Do not commission art involving any of my OCs without first contacting me.
  • Do not draw NSFW of any of my OCs.
  • SFW fanart is always okay. You may draw your OCs with mine too if you'd like.
  • I don't care if you take heavy inspiration from me, just don't be disrespectful to me please.
  • A majority of my OCs are extraterrestrials with no concept of human gender. You'll see gender as "none" a lot, just refer to them as anything. No neo/xeno pronouns, please.
  • A lot of my own codes break on mobile, sorry!
  • I usually only filter for gore or nudity. I don't really filter for things like body horror or strong language.
  • My sense of humor is pure garbage, so some images here may reflect that. Some may be very edgy and satirical, they may or may not have a filter. This is a warning. LOL, INTERNET.

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