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Please read me

Please read these! if you cannot agree or "be bothered" then please leave <3 .

I price my ocs with "£" but i can also sell them for $ n haggle prices n stuff  just lmk ofc (3

Sometimes i may be impulsive and offer for an oc without checking if its ufo and i do apologise for that, but please don't be rude and have a go at me for it just delete my comment and move on or something idk aaa.

Do not
  • Copy / Steal
  • Trace / Heavily reference
  • PLEASE do NOT interact if you go by neo pronouns and/or xenogender or whatev (im NOT transphobic i accept people however this is for private reasons RESPECT IT) thank you
  • Offer on characters outside of UFS folder (unless you have permission)
  • Dont use my ocs it makes me uncomfortable¬†
  • I have rules/Meanings in the description of every folder, please read them before asking for pings etc
Content Warnings
  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Self harm
  • Venting

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