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major injury / chronic illness


romantic conflict

self harm

period typical lgbtphobia



period typical sexism



disordered eating

child abuse


sexual assault/abuse

suicide & ideation

religious imagery


verbal/emotional abuse

mental abuse



physical abuse

Please DNI if you fit the following criteria

  • against neopronouns
  • harass people for any reason including shipping
  • against age-regression
  • against art therapy or vent art
  • racist
  • homophobic
  • transphobic
  • zionist
  • evangelical

BYF please read through this

  • Most of my characters will contain some form of religious imagery (christian, catholic, jewish) if this bothers you I suggest not looking at my page. I am not religious myself, but I identify with religious imagery and such because of my own lived experiences.
  • I am luciferian, please feel free to leave or block if this makes you uncomfortable.
  • most of my characters contain dark stories and themes. these obviously do not reflect my real life morals
  • the characters in the folders "dove" and "riley" are not my own, but my friends who don't wish to join toyhouse.
  • I block freely, dont think too much about it or bother me to unblock you.


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