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  • 1 A lot of characters will have Gore and or 18+ content. Please refrain from viewing these items as they are hidden.
  • 2 If reason is given, I will block users that do not follow rules.
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  • 1 Do not claim my characters as your own.
  • 2 Do not create relationships between my characters and yours, unless asked.
  • 3 Do not ask for characters that are not in the for sale folders.
  • 4 Please do not gift designs unless asked, to and from me.


I can be very leanient on my rules, but please do try to follow them. Such as, if you are given a design from me, please do not just get rid of it. I took the time to make it for you, so I would hope for the kindness to let me know that you wish to gift it. Please, do not steal my characters, you will be found and punished justly. Thank you.

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