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!!Please do NOT tag me for character offers, especially if you only want USD. I am POOR and find this VERY insulting when I cannot even afford to feed myself regularly.!!

My characters can have various dark themes, like abuse and mental illness, as well as explicit drug usage, primarily marijuana and alcohol. Do keep this in mind. 

A lot of my characters have blank profiles, this just means I haven't found the way to work what I want to put! All of them are being used and have a set place in my worlds unless stated otherwise. Feel free to inquire about them if you are interested in anyone that has a blank profile. :)

If I favourited your character, I just like them, whether for design, lore, et cetra. I am a sucker for pretty designs and have a varied taste, so please don't think I'm adding your character to a wishlist! I do not have any "dreamies."

As a note, I delete comments on characters when it pertains to buying/selling or were posted before I got the character! I mean no ill will and I hope you understand!

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