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Hey hey! Speaking to you!

My profile contains characters with the below triggering/sensitive topics in their profiles and content.
I do not condone nor support any action/ideologies my characters may present.

Characters containing such topic(s) will be properly tagged with more specific info.
I will never post NSFW (nudity/sexual-wise) but there may be some things that are a lil suggestive ig? Will be appropriately marked.
I will not censor/tag insects 80% of the time unless it is featured with another topic.

  • Abuse of drugs/illegal substances
  • Physical/Emotional/Mental/Verbal Abuse
  • Mental illnesses
  • Animal cruelty/animal death
  • Self-injurious behavior such as self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Heavy Violence
  • Needles
  • Death
  • Blood/Gore
  • Inappropriate language (no slurs)
  • Miscellaneous

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