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Posted 4 years, 2 months ago by WeltDerAthanasie

I am not really on here anymore as there are many other coders that know more and have aweseome templates out here! I am too busy with IRL stuff and my own characters but I will leave this as some kind of archieve, I guess. Unless I ever feel like tackling things again, haha!

IMPORTANT THING THOUGH: The pictures in my templates are broken since the image host I use changed urls. Just change the .org part to .cc until you have your own pictures to change them into! Just use MS Word's search and replace option for that(or OpenOffice has one too, I think in case you don't have word).

Thank you for listening! Much love and fun to you all~!

P.S.: If you still got some troubles please PM me on my main account. I am not that online overall but it's more likely that I answer there instead of here!


Posted 4 years, 10 months ago by WeltDerAthanasie

Might do a few more themes soon. I'm itching to try out some different stuff, though often my motivation as well as free time won't allow me to play around with coding a lot, but we will see!


Posted 4 years, 11 months ago by WeltDerAthanasie


I updated all templates so once the screen is too small and switches to mobile view the cards won't get squished and instead go into a new row. Which is basically simply done with a md in each column. So you just type col-md-(whatever number there was) and that's it. I will see and try to find if there is a way that the cards have some space in between once switched to mobile view because right now they do not seem to have any margin? But for now that's it!

I'm planning to do another character template soon that is basically for all those lovers out there who enjoy to add a lot of info! I might make two versions...one where everything is in the main profile and another where it's broken up into tabs(for those who like to use that feature).