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Took a bit of a hiatus on Toyhouse, but I'm still on FR! How's your species/universe thing going?

Hello, welcome back to Toyhouse! :D

My species is going slow but (sort of) steady. I’ve decided to put it on a hiatus, so that I can observe more things around me and in species. I noticed that my ideas were sort of stale, and used a lot. So I have set aside some time to just silently take notes and watch other closed species so that when I come back, hopefully they will be better designed and “original” (even though the ideas were straight from my mind, apparently everything that “sort of” looks like another creator’s cs is “stolen” these days :/ )

Also, I figured I’d need more time to figure out how to organize the Toyhouse world because it’s a little bit messy rn haha :)

If you want, I can still ping you when I make an update!

Came back after a hiatus~

Excited to get back into the swing of things, though I will have a lot to change up around haha,, my art style is... A bit different now oh boy

But I'm still trash thanks bye

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Thank you!! :D

Your coloring is super nice! And I love your style~ 

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