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General Warnings

  • Mature or NSFW Themes
  • Gore / Candy Gore
  • Drugs / Alcohol use by characters
  • Mentions of Mental health
  • Body Horror
  • LGBTQ+ Characters

  • Do not Copy, Steal or Trace my OC's or their art in any way/shape/form.
  • FanArt/Fanfiction is welcomed and appriciated please feel free to ask about possible ideas
  • Shipping, headcannons, and Kinning is welcomed and appriciated please ask about possible ideas before going through with them.
  • Please do not offer on Characters outside the Trades/sales folder unless otherwise stated. Most all of my OCs are forever homed.
  • Do not copy my character's designs look for look. Copying is different then inspiration.
  • Please feel free to ask about Rping with my Characters
Other Info

  • I like to explore myself and thought through my characters including in challanging my beliefs and morals.
  • I tend to vent heavily through my OC's, and this is your warning, that they can have dark histories, stories or Art within their profiles.
  • Everything is Properly marked for theming and Trigger warnings. Please, if you are not of age to view ceritan material, do NOT bypass these walls. I will not take responsablity for your foolishness.

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