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Hello! Welcome to my page! Here are a couple of rules before you look around!

-Unless the character is in the adoptables folder, DO NOT TRY TO OFFER FOR CHARACTERS! Most of the character here are forever homed!

-Some characters of mine art toxic/murderous/etc. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ACTIONS ANY OF THOSE CHARACTERS DO! It’s just apart of their story/character, I do not condone it in any shape or form

-DO NOT TRACE/STEAL/RIPOFF/ETC ANY CHARACTERS HERE! I’m always open for character design commissions if you really want something from me! 

-PLEASE DO NOT KIN/ROLEPLAY/ETC AS MY CHARACTERS! They are not yours to freely use! 

-Feel free to draw fan art of my characters! Message me or something so I know too! I would wanna thank you if you did that! 

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