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General Warnings

  • The icons that are in my profile warnings are the content i make. Some people may feel uncomfortable of the content i make, So please just block/mute me if you do not like to see of my content.
    • Some contents that are mention is i haven't tried it but i intend to do so in the future.
  • Also, don't worry the other content that has ( ) cuz it's personal, or unsure if i put the right warning content i make, cause i don't wanna scare anyone by looking at my content-


Gore / Body Horror


Body Horror

uncanny characters (?)

Artistic Nudity / Nude Character (?)


  • You know the Toyhouse's rules
  • Draw NSFW of my Oc without my consent
  • Don't offer any characters outside of Shoop soup folder
  • begging for free art/OC
Other Info

  • Hey buddy i finally remade my profile warning (i know you don't care lmao) now if you excuse me, imma go watch backyardigans

  • If you have any concerns about the character you saw i own, please inform me right away and i will cooperate on the situtation, i do not support or want to own stolen property's of another user/artist's work.
  • If you have a business with me or needed some info about the friend of mine, please just message me on toyhouse,, deviantart, or Discord for more further info.
  • If you are the original owner of the character and telling me the character is stolen, then please let's discuss this calmly in pm/dm
    • if you just said that to me and just wanted to end it and tell me "i don't wanna take this further, and you should learn better next time" i will put you in my blocklist because i do not want to see rude owners just barging in, and tell me the character is stolen without taking further discussion of where and what cause this to happen.

  • Do not come to my profile if you are here to accuse me for such things that i didn't do without any proof provided. (i.e. accusing me of supporting or helping people to steal ocs, etc.)
  • if you support/are racist, homophobic, transphobic, p*****ile, z****ile, into nazi, wanna talk about politics (except fiction ig?)
  • If you are uncomfortable and unsafe around me feel free to block me, but if you are gonna put me on your blacklist because i am sus feel free to put me in for personal reasons, But i do not make it free if you are gonna make lies about me for such things that i don't do.
  • Of course i will add this because i do NOT want this to happen again, it makes me uncomfortable and gives me axiety when people do this;
    • PLEASE just send ONE or TWO person to tell me the character is stolen, because i do not want to be associated to a stolen character, but also i do NOT want alot of people coming at my page to tell me that, it gives me anxiety before i say something about the stolen character.
    • I do not want people just straight tell me "this character is stolen, delete this" "you think you can get away with this?" "this is stolen, delete this" like what the fuck man, atleast give me a polite word so i could delete it geez, it makes me feel, i repeat "FEEL" attacked of the current situation.

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