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  • Replies take a while / I don't reply to offers I'm not interested in.

  • Read my whole T.O.S before ordering comms / customs from me.

  • I use the block button freely, for personal reasons. If I blocked you don't contact me anymore in other places / with other accounts unless you have a serious matter to discuss.



  • DON'T offer on my characters unless they're actually open to offers. Won't block, just ignore.

  • Don't use art / designs / stories made by me in any way without explicit permission from me.

  • Don't DM me for anything else other than commissions, customs, trades, owned art, guest adopts or Somniwardens.



  • Characters & designs may contain: scars, blood, impalement, multiple eyes, body horror.

  • IP block is on — it might block random people. Feel free to reach me if you think you were blocked by accident.

  • If any mistake is made on my end I'm open to receive constructive criticism on it and improve my actions.

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