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Please be respectful of this content warning,that's all I ask.If you see a character in here that you want to offer on,feel free to do so but if the character's worth is a specific price,please offer around that pricing please.Be warned that certain characters can have imagies of blood,gore,a bit of nudity,and a few other things.You are also allowed to draw my characters but don't steal them.Other then that,please have a nice day!

Please Do Not

  • Offer on my truesonas (specifically) or on my primary main characters unless given direct permission to do so.You may ask for pings or put them in dreamie folders,but do not make unsolicited offers on them.
  • Ship characters with your own (Unless given permission and we agreed on it beforehand),RP with my characters,or use there art in general for anything.These are my characters and I don't like people trying to use them for their own pleasures like you own them.
  • class="my-1">Lowball on characters when they are high worthed.They have a high price due to being purchased at a high price,being commissioned multiple artworks,or original work done by myself being added to them.Unless I allow lower offers to be done on them,if you lowball,you will be ignored and your comment deleted.Do this multiple times and you'll be blocked.
  • You are allowed to get inspired off of my characters (I don't believe in color palette theft),but please don't make a pure rip-offs,or design them too closely that people can mistake our characters for one another. If you think they may be too similar,you can come to me and I can check it for you.
  • Don't come here to start drama.If there is something you need to talk about or if you wanna ask me about something,please send a private message about it or message me on one of my socials.I would be glad to check it out and clear up any issues as necessary!

Content Warnings

  • NSFW/Gore
  • Cases of self harm or inflicted harm on someone else
  • Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol
  • Mental illnesses

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