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my general byf/dni is here on my carrd if you want it

heads up: i am an adult! idm if minors interact i post sfw only rlly, just be aware i may not be comfy talking to ya one-on-one

i'm also heavily nd + mentally ill and i have a lot of problems. be patient with me.

other notes about me:

  • i post a loooot of s/i x canon atm. like a lot. if you don't like self-shipping then i am not the account to sub to
  • limbus company + project moon's games are a huge special interest & hyperfix for me rn. yes i'm aware projmoon sucks.
feel free to:
  • take inspo / colorpick from my charas, idc lol be inspired anyway you want to be :]
  • gift art!! i always accept gifts <3
  • pm me or ask for discord! i like talking abt my interests and ocs, even if im not always fixated on them
please don't:
  • straight up copy my characters. obviously.
  • put in dreamie/want folders, i don't plan on giving any of these guys up rn
  • offer on any of these guys, i have an account with adopts/for offer if you like my designs!
(sorry nene i practically stole this from ya lol)

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