alyeong's Bulletins

figured i should crosspost this onto my TH in case anyone who follows me is looking for this sort of service :>
base price starts at $65 for a layout rehaul and $35 for individual pages!
some of the examples on there're a little old so if any interested clients want to see more recent stuff i can dig through wips i'm currently working on and send some screenshots..
i also offer lorekeeper setup + extension installation for pretty nominal prices (setup depends a little on what host you're using bc i'm not as experienced wrangling digitalocean droplets but extensions are like $3-5 for any that are very large/extensive and free for smaller extensions) if anyone wanted to get their site setup too!

feel free to discord dm me, email me, or send me a toyhouse message if interested/have any questions/want to discuss <3
(and i appreciate anyone who boosts my comms as well!)