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hello and welcome! this is a general warning for my page/characters as it contains a lot of NSFW content. if you are underage or just uncomfortable with said content, i suggest you close off from this page for your own safety!

if you are interested in obtaining any characters from me, please consider looking into this UFT/S folder only.

Please Do Not

  • Offer on ANY of my characters outside my UFT/S folder or I Will Block You
  • Draw NSFW of my characters if you are under 18 and/or we're not mutuals.
  • Copy/Trace/Steal my OCs and/or any design I've made.
  • Interact with me if you are into problematic content (Noncon, Incest, CSA/Loli/Shota).
  • Message me for character relationships if we are not friends/mutuals and if you're underage.

General Content Warnings

  • Explicit Sexual Content
  • Violence/Blood/Gore/Body Horror

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